OIS student profile

1. Learning Agility: Students are curious and independent learners, creative and critical thinkers who continue to seek out new challenges, remain calm and optimistic throughout difficulties, and are adaptable in a changing world.

2. Empathy: Students embrace and promote diversity, care for and collaborate with others based on mutual understanding and respect.

3. Accountability: Students take ownership of their work, are responsible for their actions and related outcomes, and become reliable partners in all group and community settings.

4. Discipline: Students respect the rules and customs of each environment they are involved in, manage their emotions and regulate what they do in pursuit of worthy goals.

5. Enthusiasm: Students nurture a lifelong passion for learning and approach each learning opportunity with excitement and energy.

6. Resilience: Students work hard, stay focused, persist through barriers and tough times, and finish what they started.

7. Service: Students develop compassion and are generous with others, offering their talent, time and other resources to improve the lives of those in need and help change the world for the better.

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