Extracurricular activities

It is always possible to create a happy life for oneself, and happiness is always around us. In the Wellbeing program, OISers learn how to live a happy life through modules on self-care, relationship care, nature care, etc. , students at The OIS will always have the opportunity to practice and improve through activities to consolidate them into habits.

The LION experience was designed to help OIS’s lion cubs connect with themselves, with friends, and with nature.

– To connect with yourself: As young LIONs, students overcome obstacles, connect with themselves, understand themselves better, and learn valuable lessons.

– To connect with friends: Activities in the program provide opportunities for students to cooperate, share, support each other and establish strong friendship relationships.

– To connect with nature: Experiencing at the ecological area, students can immerse themselves in nature to listen, feel and learn how to protect the environment.

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